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Whitebeard has decided to open his home to other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This site is presented in order to allow you to automate your cryptocurrency activities, so you can devote more time to interaction with your peers in the chat room(s) on your favorite cryptocurrency site. Scroll down for more information about the site and it's contents.

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About Whitebeard's Cottage

Please read our terms and conditions page, or you can download the pdf here for reading offline.

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is where we can post important information or links to articles or sites that we think are important to see. Any registered and logged in user can post on the bulletin board. To maintain accountability, the system signs each post with the users name. Newer items go to the top and older ones are pushed down, so scroll down the page to find some interesting stuff! When items flow beyond the end of the page they will be removed and stored in the site archives.

If you have written a relevant article or want to write an article and need a forum in which to publish it, this is it! Currently we will manually post such articles for you, but we are working on a publishing engine to allow you to post your own articles. The Bulletin board is the place to find links to individual articles, and will be the place for publishing your article when the publishing engine is done. We hope to have a discussion forum as well, so authors can get feedback on their ideas.


The tool board is where you will find reference material and utilities that may be of use in your interactions with supported sites.

Contact Us

Two contact methods are provided so you can easily contact us: 

You can email us at whitebeard@whitebeardscottage.com or just use the contact form, which you can get to by clicking on "Contact Us" on the navbar, which will accomplish the same thing.

If you need immediate contact, you may use our IRC Chat page, available on the navbar on a drop-down menu under "Contact Us."  If we are available, we will be happy to chat with you.

Inside the Cottage

Logged in users can click on the door to the cottage and come inside, where you will find the automation utilities (popularly know as bots) for interacting with your favorite cryptocurrency site. Once you have provided the bot with the necessary information and instructions it will carry out the tasks you have set for it.

WhiteBeard's Attic

WhiteBeard's Attic is currently under development. It is planned to be the place where you can buy just about anything with your cryptocurrency or fiat money if you choose. WhiteBeard's Attic is located at whitebeardscottage.biz or attic.whitebeardscottage.com. Keep an eye on it! It is sure to become your favorite shopping site!

Security, Privacy, Cookies

Information exchanged between this site and any others may travel via GET requests, which means the data is appended to the URL request and travels in the open. This method is only used when it is a requirement of the gambling sites involved. To prevent hijacking of your data enroute, we use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology to encrypt the transmission of such data. You can affirm that SSL is in use by looking at your address bar; if the address starts with "https" (instead of plain "http") your connection is encrypted.

Your privacy is important to us. We will never disclose your stored information to anyone, except as required by law via a valid warrant or sub poena. This is a link to our privacy statement page, or you can download the pdf here for reading offline.

Cookies are small data files stored on your computer that identifies your computer to the website. A "session cookie" is a cookie that is only valid for the length of the current session. That means they expire as soon as you close your browser. You must have cookies enabled to access certain parts of this site. This site uses session cookies to maintain your session and to verify that it is still connected to the same computer, so that a hijacker cannot break into your session once a cookie is planted on your computer. The functionality of cookie deletion on browser exit is not perfect nor uniform across all browsers owing mainly to crash recovery protocols, so as an added measure to help you secure your data we have added code to delete your cookie to our log out protocol. If you are not certain of your computers physical security or if you are on a shared computer, we recommend that you log out using the logout icon on the right end of the navigation bar (just before the clock) at the end of each session.

Supported Sites

Eventually, we plan to add support for many sites. If you have a favorite site you would like to see added here, please send us your suggestion. Our contact information is available under the "contact us" button at the top of this page.

Which browser is best?

Google Chrome is the official browser supported by this site. If you prefer another browser, that's fine with us, but all browsers respond differently to HTML and CSS layouts, so if the animations and links do not work perfectly, let us know via the contact form. We will do our best to improve your experience. But you should know that while some browsers have "cool" features that you may like, it is necessary to proper development of websites that browsers also comply with the standards set by the internet community. Google Chrome seems to be the most advanced browser in that respect. You can download it by going here or by clicking on its name above.

Gambling Addiction

Many people gamble with cryptocurrencies. While gambling can be a fun pastime, it can become a problem for some people. If you think you may have a problem with gambling addiction, chances are that you do. Please contact someone for help. A Center for Addiction Recovery can help, as well as other organizations. This article may help you decide if you need to seek treatment. These are just suggested resources for help. You may find others by searching "Gambling Addiction" on your favorite search engine. Don't let gambling control your life.


Most of the clipart you see on Whitebeard's Cottage came from wpclipart. "The highest quality, public domain clipart and photos on the planet!" Their only request for using their art is that you refer people to their site to enjoy more of their art.

A few pieces came from clker. They say, "Free clip art you can use for anything you like."

The original background image for the tool board I made from a photo of a friends pegboard tool organizer using cartoonizer. I tried doing the same thing with an image editor, but failed miserably! This method was totally automatic. The current background image was inspired by that image, but I cartoonized each tool individually before placing them onto the image. However, I did keep some of the tools from the original image.

The clock on the button bar, I modified from a script published by richocheting.com © 2000 - 2009.

Then there are a few pieces of clipart that I bought from an online clipart store. They got paid, so they don't get credits here!